An oyster aquaculture company

Dedicated to restoring the oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay



Our mission is to foster the economic and environmental health of the Chesapeake Bay through the acceleration of the oyster aquaculture industry. We believe that building a company that focuses on both the environmental, social and economic impact will result in a triple bottom line solution that is fueled by economic incentive to help restore the Chesapeake Bay as a national treasure



An alternative Best Management Practice to combat Nutrient Runoff



Over 200 years ago we began using the oyster as a natural resource to establish the economic base that would eventually play a major role in the development of our country and state. Since that time, the oyster’s population has been decimated, along with the economy and ecology that it once supported.

Today, we have developed practices that have proven to be successful in supporting a cottage oyster aquaculture industry. Recently enacted law in Maryland has sparked interest in how nutrient trading could accelerate the development of a major sustainable oyster aquaculture industry by selling the nutrient credits generated by the oysters themselves as an added value to the product.

We now have a regulatory framework in MD Maryland and VA Virginia ready to launch a new Chesapeake Bay oyster industry fueled by the added value that nutrient credit trading will provide. Blue Oyster Environmental will be a private-sector partner to government to report and sell nutrient credits produced by oyster aquaculture and restoration and to leverage the revenue generated through credit trading to develop programs to build large-scale production and processing aquaculture operations.

This new approach will provide the investment incentive needed to grow/bring oyster aquaculture to a scale that is needed to assure real success and value.

Founded in 2019, Blue Oyster Environmental is an oyster aquaculture company that seeks to be the leader in reestablishing the Eastern Oyster as the cornerstone of the Chesapeake Bay’s ecosystem. Located in the heart of Dorchester County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, we value the heritage that transformed many seaside villages into thriving communities and is committed to championing the Chesapeake Bay Waterman once again.



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